Did you know that some refer to themselves as "atheist" Christians? 

Did you know that Muslims in Albania protected Jewish people in WWII?

Did you know that Albania has been invaded by larger foreign powers?

In the US, people often think of religion as personal choice.

Historically in Albania, religion is more connected with traditions, family and history, 

On this tour, we'll explore the religious dynamics in the life of Albania's national hero. 

Skenderbeg was:

  • was born into a Catholic family
  • forcibly converted to Islam as a child
  • returned to Albania when he deserted the Ottoman army.

Join us to learn more about him and other key aspects of religion in Albania. 


This walking costs 10 Euro, and this will be collected at the beginning of the tour. 

Optional tips will be collected at the end of the tour. People have given tips from 5 Euro to 40 Euro. Our guides appreciate any tip amount. 

Advanced reservation is recommended.


1. Skanderbeg Statue

- Skenderbeg fought in Ottoman wars

-  He deserted the army and returned home

- What happens when changing religions is more a strategic political move than personal conviction 

2. Et'hem Bey Mosque

- Learn about the unusual paintings on the mosque walls 

- And about the unique expression of Islam in Albania

3. Municipality 

- how and why Muslim Albanians protected Jewish people in WWII

4. Orthodox Church

- About 6th-century gospels hidden for generations

- Extraordinary stories of unity across religious boundaries 

5. Catholic Church

- We'll consider aspects of tradition historically and as it related to today

- Hear stories of Albanians such as Mother Theresa 

6.  Pyramid 

-  Built as a shrine to the former dictator 

- Learn what happened when Albania was declared an "atheist" state

- Learn about Protestant figures and the Evangelical movement

- Reflect on current challenges with religion, tolerance and morality


"Albania has a very complicated history. The ghost of Albania past is still haunting the present, and for many the only way to end the suffering is to leave the country. At the same time Albania today has become a global hotspot for tourism. How is this possible? The Albania Ventures tour is a good place to start to find your answers. Josh and his team boldly leads you to the contradiction that is Albania with all of it's wonders, beauty, struggles and challenges . The tour is a must for anyone visiting Albania."

- D.C. Chang, USA

"The Albania Ventures tour was amazing."

-Elliot Bender, Arkansas, USA

"We especially enjoyed hearing about life in Albania during communism! Some of the stories were surprising! It gives a whole new perspective when talking with the locals to know some of the things they've lived through. The tour guides were friendly and knowledgeable. We have recommended all our friends in Tirana to take this tour!"

Sarah Parton, Ohio, USA

"We learned so much about Albania’s rich history and culture and would highly recommend Albania Venture tours to anyone interested."

- Jonathan Dingeldein, Iowa, USA

"My daughter and I experienced a fantastic  guided tour of the centre of Tirana with insightful
details and stories about its rich history, vibrant culture, and hidden gems. Josh and Sarah’s passion and knowledge made the tour truly memorable. I highly recommend it."

- Dan Dupree, United Kingdom

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