Did you know ...

... that the Albanian hero helped stop the advance of the Ottoman armies against Europe?

... that Albania was declared the world's "first" atheist state in 1967?

... that 6th century gospel manuscripts were hidden for centuries?

... the gospel inspired Christians to start first Albanian school for girls?

Join us to be inspired with the stories of heroes from Albania through the rich Christian history in this country!  


The walking tour costs 3 Euro.

Optional tips will be collected at the end of the tour. Tip amounts have ranged from 5 Euro to 40 Euro per person.

Advanced reservation is recommended. 


We will go inside two churches on this tour.

1. National Opera House

- From early Christian church history to iron-clad communist days where (almost) nobody came in or out, this is where we'll set the stage for what unfolded in Albania

2. Skanderbeg Statue

- As a young boy, Gjergj Kastriot was taken from his home and trained to fight in Ottoman wars. He was given the name Skenderbeg

- You'll hear how he deserted the Ottoman army to return to Albania 

- We'll also consider what happens when changing one's religion is more of a strategic political move than a personal conviction 

3. Et'hem Bey Mosque

- Learn about the unusual paintings on the mosque walls

- Grapple with what happened in the mosques and churches during communism

4. Italian-style Municipality Buildings 

- Architecture gurus, this is your chance to see Italian-era buildings

- You'll hear stories of how Albanians--both Christians and Muslims--saved Jewish people during WWII 

5. Orthodox Church

- Learn about the 6th-century gospels hidden for generations from Ottoman armies to Hitler's henchmen.

- Enter the largest cathedral of its kind in the Western Balkans. 

6. St. Paul's Cathedral 

- Hear the inspiring faith of what one Albanian priest did to welcome others into his parish

- Meet an Albanian hero of faith - she didn't intend to be a hero and you might be surprised she's Albanian! 

7. Pyramid

- Originally built as a shrine to the dictator during the oppressive communist regime

- Find out about what happened when Brother Andrew left Bibles during communism 

8.  Communist-era Bunker

- Hear the sad origin of one of over 300,000 bunkers designed to protect Albania from American imperialists

- Hear the story of Gjerasim Qiriazi, a gospel preacher turned educational pioneer

9.  Enver Hoxha's Villa

- Visit the former dictator's home 

- Hear incredible stories of reconciliation and forgiveness in the 30 years since 

- Dream of how Albania might be a beacon of light in the next 30 years


"Going around in Tirana with Albania Ventures tours gives you a great opportunity to see the city, understand the country, its history. Highly recommended."

-Gellert Horvath, Hungary

"My daughter and I experienced a fantastic  guided tour of the centre of Tirana with insightful details and stories about its rich history, vibrant culture, and hidden gems. Josh and Sarah’s passion and knowledge made the tour truly memorable. I highly recommend it."

- Dan Dupree, United Kingdom

"We really enjoyed our tour with Josh and Sarah! We learned so much about Albania and its history. I truly appreciated the stories they shared and the information they provided about this beautiful country. I had just finished reading the book Free by Lea Ypi before my tour, and found this tour helped me to gain an even better understanding of some of the complexities of Albania’s past. I highly recommend Albanian Ventures to anyone visiting Albania!"

- Noelle Slagel, South Carolina, USA

"I really loved how Sarah and Josh made the history of Albania come alive."

Charles Parton, Ohio, USA

"We learned so much about Albania’s rich history and culture and would highly recommend Albania Venture tours to anyone interested."

- Jonathan Dingeldein, Iowa, USA

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