Have you tasted...

.... steaming hot oven-baked pastries called "byrek"

... the best coffee in Europe

... "Petulla" a traditional Albanian breakfast food

Did you know ...

... that Albanian heroes helped stop the advance of the Ottoman armies against Europe?

... that Albania was declared the world's "first" atheist state in 1967?

... what about when sacred writings were found in the university during communism? 

Join us at Albania Ventures to be inspired with the stories of heroes from Albania!  

In this 4-hour walking tour, you will :

  • Visit the Bunk'art 2 museum
  • Taste some local food and drink favorites
  • Hear incredible stories of heroes throughout Albania's history
  • Enjoy a walk through the picturesque boulevard of Tirana

Advanced reservation is required.


What's included in the 50 Euro cost?

- All food and drinks

- Bunk'art 2 museum entrance

- Visit to Orthodox Cathedral

- Guided historical walking tour through Tirana

What's not included? 

Tips are not included in the cost. Optional tips will be collected at the end of the tour.


There is a minimum number of four participants required for this tour. If you register with the less than four participants, you will be notified if the tour is canceled. 


1. New Market Breakfast

- Enjoy "Petulla," Albanian-style donuts, with honey.

- Petulla is not gluten free, but the coffee everywhere is great!

2. National Opera House

- From early Christian church history to iron-clad communist days where (almost) nobody came in or out

- Hear about one Albanian singer who went to Vienna and lived to tell an unbelievable story

3. Skanderbeg Statue

- As a young boy, Skenderbeg was forced to fight in Ottoman wars

- What happened when deserting the army and he returned home?

4. Et'hem Bey Mosque

- Learn about the unusual paintings on the mosque walls

- Grapple with what happened in the mosques during communism

5. Bunkart

- A relic from the dark period of communism

- This museum tells how imprisonment and death were used to terrorize people 

- We will enter the museum and have time for tour guests to explore at their own pace

6. Italian-style Municipality Buildings 

- Architecture gurus, this is your moment!

7. Orthodox Church

- Learn about the 6th-century gospels hidden for generations from Ottoman armies to Hitler's henchmen.

8. Pyramid

- Originally built as a shrine to the dictator during the oppressive communist regime

9.  Communist-era Bunker

- Step inside a bunker designed to withstand tank artillery 

10.  Enver Hoxha's Villa

- Visit the former dictator's home

- Hear about his rise to power and reign of terror 

11. Byrek & Raki 

- Enjoy a delicious oven-baked pastry filled with spinach, cheese and meat or tomatoes 

- Finish it off with a sip of "Raki," made from distilled grapes or other fruit.


"Great tour, learned a lot!"

-Nick Poss, Oklahoma, USA

"The ghost of Albania past is still hunting the present. For many the only way to end the suffering is to leave the country. At the same time Albania today has become a global hotspot for tourism. How is this possible? The Albania Ventures tour is a good place to start to find your answers. Josh and his team boldly leads you to the contradiction that is Albania with all of it's wonders , beauty , struggles and challenges. The tour is a must for anyone visiting Albania."

- D.C. Chang, USA

"I really loved how Sarah and Josh made the history of Albania come alive."

Charles Parton, Ohio, USA

"My daughter and I experienced a fantastic  guided tour of the centre of Tirana with insightful details and stories about its rich history, vibrant culture, and hidden gems. Josh and Sarah’s passion and knowledge made the tour truly memorable. I highly recommend it."

- Dan Dupree, United Kingdom

"Josh and Sarah’s knowledge of Albanian history has enriched my cultural understanding. I would highly recommend this tour to folks visiting for the first time and to those who have been in Albania for a long time!"

- Mandy Biles, Texas, USA

"It was the perfect way to spend a sunny
afternoon in Tirana. Highly recommend for couples, solo travelers, friend
groups and travelers of all ages."

- Kelsey Kay Love

"We learned so much about Albania’s rich history and culture and would highly recommend Albania Venture tours to anyone interested."

- Jonathan Dingeldein, Iowa, USA

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