Are you ready to unearth untold stories of bravery and compassion?

Curious about the remarkable bond between Albanian and Jewish communities?

Ever wondered what motivated Albanian Muslims to save Jewish families during WWII?

Discover the heroes that will inspire you like never before!

Experience a 90-minute journey through Tirana's streets, guided by an expert in local history.

Unravel the stories of Albanian families who risked everything to shelter Jewish people during the darkest days of WWII.

From the first Jewish people who came to Albania in the 2nd century through the period of the Ottoman empire, we’ll introducing you to Albania, the language and the history of Jewish people in Albania.

Cost & Tips

The walking tour is 15 Euro. Optional tips will be collected at the end of the tour. People have given tips from 5 to 40 Euro/person. Any guests are welcome and any amount is appreciated. 



Et'hem Mosque

Just as the mosque has unique paintings on the outside, people in Albania who embraced Islam have been uniquely prepared to rescue those seeking protection.

Skenderbeg Statue

We’ll learn about the unique role that Skenderbeg and his predecessor Lek Dukagjin had.

Italian-built Ministries and Municipality.

We’ll learn about the edict of King Zog to open the borders of Albania to Jewish people in 1938 just before the Italians took over Albania.


Blloku Area

Then, we’ll weave our way through the streets of the Blloku area, as you hear moving accounts of stories of sacrifice and compassion of Albanian families who sheltered Jewish people in their homes.

Holocaust Memorial

The tour is completed at the Holocaust Memorial where we’ll stop in a moment of honoring those who died during the holocaust and to honor the Albanian families who risked their lives to protect Jewish people.

Embark on a journey of remembrance and solidarity, where the echoes of the past resonate with the promise of a brighter future. Join us and become part of a legacy of compassion that knows no bounds. 

Albania Ventures Recommendations:

"Great tour with some different topics out of the mainstream."

- Luana Lima, Brazil

"My daughter and I experienced a fantastic  guided tour of the centre of Tirana with insightful details and stories about its rich history, vibrant culture, and hidden gems. Josh and Sarah’s passion and knowledge made the tour truly memorable. I highly recommend it."

- Dan Dupree, United Kingdom

"It was the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon in Tirana. Highly recommend for couples, solo travelers, friend groups and travelers of all ages."

- Kelsey Kay Love

"I really loved how Sarah and Josh made the history of Albania come alive."

Charles Parton, Ohio, USA

"We learned so much about Albania’s rich history and culture and would highly recommend Miekley Tours to anyone

- Jonathan Dingeldein, Iowa, USA

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